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Engineering Departments comprise all the disciplines required for all stages of engineering and design, engineering procurement services, as well as site engineering services related to the design and execution of oil industry projects

These services include Feasibility Study, Conceptual Design, Basic Engineering, Front End Engineering & Design (FEED), Detail Engineering, Field Engineering Services, all based on the contractual scope requirements and applicable codes and standards .

Depending on the scope of each project the required number and experience levels of engineering staff from each department are allocated to the project to work within their respective departments under their discipline Lead Engineer.

Basic Design

In Basic Design the foundations of a project covering all the major aspects related to the engineering disciplines are laid through flow of information among them and based on the Contractual requirements, including Design Basis.

To this end, all the process units (licensed and non-licensed) / Utilities and Off-sites, safety descriptions/requirements, transportability and construct-ability, general plot plan, rotary/package and static equipment and pipe sizing and related specifications are studied/prepared/defined/presented through

Front End Engineering & Design (FEED)

Generally speaking, the objective of project Owners in asking for FEED (also sometimes called Extended Basic or Advanced Basic Design) is to develop the Basic Design to a more detailed level in order to provide:

Detail Engineering

Detail Engineering is the completion/finalization of Basic/FEED stages with the overall objective of providing all the necessary finalized documents and drawings for purchase of equipment and material and their construction/ installation works at site, leading to successful operation of a plant according to the contractual requirements of a project.

This objective is realized by the following main activities and outputs:

Developing PDMS based 3D model of the plant in milestone progress stages towards its completion by incorporating all the pre-defined finalized information, mostly related to piping and equipment, but also including civil/structure/building as well as instrumentation/ electrical (including safety) information.

Issue or review/approval of documents and drawings leading to procurement of material and equipment such as calculations, data sheets, drawing and specifications, lists, procedures, inquiries (material requisitions), Technical evaluations of vendor proposals, vendor document checks, shop inspection procedures and reports, etc. Some of this procurement information is the output of the 3D model, e.g. Piping MTO, Steel structure MTO, main cabling MTO, etc.

Field Engineering Services (FES)

Field engineering services normally means the design and engineering related services at site by the detail engineering company specialist staff with the objective of assisting the construction company in doing their scope of work through offering clarifications, trouble shooting, helping them to understand and implement the final AFC (Approved for Construction) engineering documents and drawings, make or approve the necessary adjustments and corrections in the course of construction work, and finally maintain and up-date the field marked-up “as built” documents.

Field Engineering Services are normally a continuation of Basic/Detail engineering services and may also involve licensor /technology owners staff as well.

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