Electrical & Instrument Devices

Industrial instrumentation is used to control and monitor conditions including temperature, pressure and fluid levels in processing facilities, oil refineries, petrochemical plants, oil and gas pipelines, and distribution operations. Common applications of oil and gas instrumentation include monitoring the presence of flammable and combustible gases in production and storage areas and monitoring emissions for pollution control. Instrumentation is also used for monitoring and controlling flow in delivery systems.

The three primary components of industrial instrumentation are sensors, transducers and transmitters.

  • Sensors:  measure the physical properties of a solid, fluid or gas. In the oil and gas industry, sensors provide continuous measurement to detect and monitor gas and gas emissions.
  • Transducers: convert variations in temperature, pressure, flow or level into an electric signal that is then picked up by a transmitter.
  • Transmitters: serve as an interface between sensors and measurement instrumentation such as level sensors, flow meters, and pressure sensors. This equipment is responsible for sending a digital signal to the main control system.

We offer a full line of instrumentation and processing equipment including:

  • Gas Analytics Equipment: Gas instrumentation and monitoring equipment including continuous gas analyzers, toxic gas detectors, flame detection sensors, and gas analysis systems for monitoring toxic and combustible gases, oxygen depleting gases and emissions.
  • Pressure Instrumentation: Includes a variety of pressure gauges, switches and transmitters that provide real-time measurement of your process in tanks, vessels & piping, and display in engineering units such as PSI, BAR, vacuum, inH2O and more.
  • Temperature Monitoring Instrumentation:  Includes manual and automated field instruments that are used to measure and monitor temperature fluctuations in critical and non-critical applications. Different types of temperature instrumentation include heaters, controllers, thermal imagers, and infrared pyrometers.
    Flow Meters: Measure the flow of gas, oil and other substances through pipes and channels. Options include instruments for thermal mass flow, open channel flow, positive displacement flow, Ultrasonic flow and much more.
  • Level Sensors: Provide point level and continuous level measurement for various oil and gas applications including monitoring levels in tanks and other vessels. Oil & gas level sensors are integrated into control systems to provide a visual or audible signal when levels become dangerously low or high.
    We understand that each petrochemical processing application is unique, which is why all the oil & gas instrumentation offered by Success innovation can be configured based on your exact requirements. Our experienced staff can also assist you with finding the instrumentation or processing equipment that meets the operational needs of your facility.

Also we are able to provide all kind of electrical devices such as :

  • Heaters /Control panels / Panel Boards /Generating Sets
  • Switchgear /Circuit Breakers/Magnetic Starters /Contactors
  •  Enclosures /Relays / Switches/Transformers

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