About Our

Success Innovation as a global engineering ,Procurement , construction and commissioning company, provides and supports its engineering  capabilities with key additional services specially targeted to meet customers needed materials and also construction and commissioning of supplied units in Oil, gas  and petrochemical plants.

Our policy is to supply fully satisfies and complements all applicable requirements based on the knowledge and skills, systems and highly talented human resources that we have continually built up through many years of project execution.

In our core business, oil & gas fields, while accurately assessing opportunities and risks, we shall aim to be a worldwide global contractor by further strengthening our project execution competence, pursuing technology advantages and expanding our business scope and markets.

We aim to establish ourselves as an organization that will prompt customers to view us as their first choice contractor when they are faced with new or advanced technical challenges in an ever changing business environment.


Our Mission is to profitably supply the best quality of materials requested by Oil, Gas and Petrochemical clients that backed by our integrity and powered by the hard work & knowledge of our technical team, manufacturers and stock holders.


Our Vision is to be at the core of all the industrial materials, which are used in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical plants.

Our main vision is to develop into a world leading company and professional supplier with a strong innovative capacity.


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