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Success Innovation as a global engineering ,Procurement , construction and commissioning company, provides and supports its engineering  capabilities with key additional services specially targeted to meet customers needed materials and also construction and commissioning of supplied units in Oil, gas  and petrochemical plants.

Our policy is to supply fully satisfies and complements all applicable requirements based on the knowledge and skills, systems and highly talented human resources that we have continually built up through many years of project execution.

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About Our Products

Our experience in this sector extends to supplying different structural steel and plates in various kinds of alloys and sizes. Our metallurgical expert will help clients in each and every technical aspects about the chemical and mechanical properties of material and related tests.

Some kind of abovementioned material is coming below :

Pipes and Hollow Sections

Flat Products

Long products include :

billets, blooms, rebars, wire rod, sections, rails, sheet piles and drawn wire. Long Products are used in all industrial sectors, particularly in the construction and engineering industries.

Plates and Structural steel materials

Including our wide range of supply in material and equipment in oil and gas and petrochemical plants with our good connection with world famous chemical, additives and catalyst manufacturer all around the world we are able to supply petroleum refining catalysts and additives and reforming catalysts and some of them is listed below :

  • FCC catalysts
  • FCC sulfur reducing additives
  • Ethylene and propylene selective hydrogenation catalysts , ….
  • Adsorbents
  • Bed grading
  • Purification
  • Inert Balls

Chemical, Catalyst and process additives

Compressors are mechanical devices used to increase pressure in a variety of compressible fluids, or gases, the most common of these being air. Compressors may be characterized in several different ways, but are commonly divided into types based on the functional method used to generate the compressed air or gas. In the sections below, we outline and present the common compressor types. The types covered include:

    • Axial compressor / Piston Compressors / Diaphragm Compressors / Helical Screw Compressors
  • A rotary-screw compressor / Sliding Vane Compressors / Scroll Compressors
  • Rotary Lobe Compressors / Centrifugal Compressors


Success innovation experts are able to provide wide range of pumps which is one the most important equipment in Oil , gas and petrochemical plants . Our experience covers supplying of below list pumps  :

  • Multiphase pumps
  • Booster pumps
  • Loading/Unloading Pumps
  • Circulation pumps
  • Stripping pumps
  • Slops & Drains pumps


  • Valves are a critical component on any pressurised system, it is vitally important to know that your valves are operating correctly under the systems pressures.
  • Success innovation experts is fully experienced to supply all valves and help you in all technical issues in this regard too . Below list shows the valves list which we are able to supply :


Success innovation provide a comprehensive range of insulation and cladding services, including provision of insulation materials for thermal, cryogenic and acoustic applications; this is complemented by a complete sheet metal fabrication & cladding service supplied from the best manufacturer in this field.

Typically, this includes insulation & cladding of pipes, valves, fittings, tanks and vessels.

Insulation & Cladding Material

Electrical Bulk Materials possess one of the highest bottlenecks in reducing the project costs. With the flexible demands and constant requirements, the electrical bulk material procurement has renowned as the biggest challenge for procurement engineers.

Success Innovation now became the first choice to be contacted for these products. It would never had been happen without the relentless hard work by our sales engineers and our partners who supports us to serve the market with the cost effective and premium quality products.

Electrical & Instrument Bulk Material

Industrial instrumentation is used to control and monitor conditions including temperature, pressure and fluid levels in processing facilities, oil refineries, petrochemical plants, oil and gas pipelines, and distribution operations. Common applications of oil and gas instrumentation include monitoring the presence of flammable and combustible gases in production and storage areas and monitoring emissions for pollution control. Instrumentation is also used for monitoring and controlling flow in delivery systems.

Electrical & Instrument Devices

We are able to supply complete piping packages including:

  • Seamless & welded pipe and tubes
  • BW fittings – Forged fittaings, socket weld and screwed (BSP/NPT)
  • Flanges (RF, SW, Threaded, ,…)
  • Outlet fittings (weldolets, sockolets, threadolets,…)
  • manufactured to the following standards – API, ASTM, ANSI, MSS, EN, DIN, NFA, BS,…

Piping Materials

We are able to supply different drilling equipment and devices :

  • Bell nipple /Blowout preventers (BOPs) /Casing head  /Crown block
  • Derrick  / Draw-works  /Drill bit
  • Drill pipe / Goose-neck / Kelly drive  /Kelly hose
  • Mud motor  / Mud Pumps /Rotary table / Shale shaker / Swivel
  •  Traveling block / Vibrating hose /Cat Head /HPU packages /Pulsation dampers /Sheaves
  • Top Drive /Casing & Liners

Drilling Equipment


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